Glevy Artist Resume

Artist’s Statement:

Tweaking Perception?

How will a person perceive paint on upholstery; a sanded painting or mix media; assemblage of cut up paintings; or appliqué on top of painting? How do color, texture and layering influence perception? This type of questioning is what directs me as I play with tweaking visual perception in my work.


Salon at the Triton 2017: 2D Art Competition & Exhibition, FUSE at Citadel Gallery - Art Arks - Phantom Galleries displays, San Jose – First Art Box in San Jose - Neworangeland Atelier, San Francisco - Arcadia, San Francisco, - Café Galleria, San Francisco - Cool Beans, San Francisco - Galleria Le Logge, Assisi, Italy


Mount Holyoke College, BA

Boston Architectural Center, BArch

Art Workshop International in Assisi

San Francisco Art Institute Extension, studio classes

Work experience:

1966 - Present Artist

1994 - 2013 Principal and Founder of Image Integration, Consultant to cultural and educational institutions that are making the transition to a digital collection

1977 – 1994 Architect

1970 – 1976 Teacher