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NEW Works Album Check my latest shots even before I get to blog about it. Also seen on Insta #glevyartist

9/30/2021 - As my Dis Tangles have evolved, I find that I am thinking more about dis-tangling all the confusing thoughts this year. To try to make sense of so many concepts.

3/1/2021 I call these my DisTangles because I was inspired by ZenTangles. They are very meditative and fun. Ink and water color pencils are the primary medium Check out my insta site #glevyartist to see more.

10/12/20 Working in the Studio on a protest over painting. Still a work in progress.

10/3/20 Continued collaborating with grand girl as we made two pieces, one a total rework of an old one and the other a further study of what I call Zentangles or marks.


Still in SIP exploring marks and collaborative work, but got an opportunity to do an interior mural and decided to use Zoom whiteboard app to design it

6/11/20 -

So in the middle of SIP without any paints, my creativity has been expended on how to create. I am calling these Busy Hands Bags. They are drawn with ink and various colored pencils, stuffed withe paper and coated in Elmer's glue to shape it. Also reassembled using visible mending technique,

5/27/20 -

SIP is very restrictive but am playing with colored pencils on my recycling oil paintings effort on the one on the left. Some of the pencils are Aqua - water soluble - so I could make them look like paint. The one on the right was an acrylic painting incorporating parts of a rusty car. During SIP I drew on it with indelible marker.


Still working on recycling old paintings but this time putting an image on top of another image and letting them play off each other,


Back to work on recycling old paintings but this time putting an image on top of another image and letting them play off each other,

1/24/2018 -

Last week I attended my fifth "Meeting of the Minds" organized by Jacob Esquibel of the FUSE group at the Citadel Art Studios. During the 3 hour session, we draw lots to pair up and paint one painting. Each partner has half the time and neither is to talk about the painting. The not talking about the painting proves very difficult for me, but the stepping out of my box and exploring has been very liberating. Not having a preconceived image is very stimulating.

To the left is one of my first efforts with Willy Baet . On the right is the one last week with mr. hun

1/13/2018 -

I have become very involved in reworking or reusing my "Not Perfect" paintings. In some instances I have cut them up to make collages or over painted them with patterns. Lately I have been over painting them with solid fields of color and then scratching or removing that paint to reveal the original painting. Here is such a series inspired by the golden hills of California and the live oaks.

For those curious this work is in oil.

Still Looking